Montini Catholic High School is committed to the Lasallian belief that a Catholic education should be accessible to all. Through our 年度基金, we are able to grant many families financial aid packages that allow a Montini Catholic education to become a reality.

我们的创始人,圣. John Baptist De La Salle, realized the greatest gift one can give to children is a quality, well-rounded education. Each year Montini Catholic relies on the generous support of its alumni, 父母, 父母 of alumni and friends to raise the necessary funds to help the school offset the cost of its 金融援助/Scholarship Program.

Ways to 支持 our 金融援助 Program

There are three different ways to make a difference for those Montini Catholic families in need of financial assistance:


  • 金融援助 奖学金 are based on need. Families apply and are awarded grants based on need. These scholarships, listed below, are kept alive by gifts made to the 年度基金.


  • The San Miguel Fund is set up for general financial assistance, and scholarships from this fund are available to all Montini Catholic students with financial need.  Students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and be in good standing with the school in order to be eligible for financial aid.


  • This is a $1,000 four year renewable scholarship available to incoming freshmen students.

纪念 & Family Fund 奖学金

The 纪念 and Family Fund 奖学金 listed below have been named and endowed by Montini Catholic alumni, 父母 and friends in order to provide financial assistance to our students. 经常, these scholarships are created with a certain set of criteria that a student must meet in order to receive aid. If you are interested in creating a new fund, please contact Mr. 詹姆斯 Segredo, President, at or (630) 627-6930 x174.

  • Joseph Andriano 纪念 Fund
  • Patricia Arlis Scholarship Fund
  • 詹姆斯 & Dorothy Bell 纪念 Scholarship Fund
  • The Jean Diane Colletti Scholarship Fund
  • Colleen Considine 纪念 Fund
  • Deborah Cummane ’89 纪念 Scholarship Fund
  • Genevieve and Chuck Gilmartin Scholarship Fund
  • Brian Grigsby 纪念 Fund
  • 利昂的 & Edna Jacobs Scholarship Fund
  • The Mary Guertler 纪念 Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Richard Kane 纪念 Scholarship Fund
  • Br. Christopher Kavanaugh FSC 纪念 Scholarship Fund
  • Kolinski Family Endowment Fund
  • The Gerald Marcoux Scholarship Fund
  • 亨利·J. McDonald 纪念 Fund
  • William Mueller 纪念 Scholarship Fund
  • J. 彼得 & Kathleen Murphy Scholarship Fund
  • Susan Musil 纪念 Fund
  • The John Nania Scholarship Fund
  • The Ogan Family Scholarship Fund
  • The Martin Regan Scholarship Fund
  • The Bridget Reynolds Scholarship Fund
  • Brother Patrick Savage 纪念 Fund
  • 迈克的 & Diane Schumacher Scholarship Fund
  • Johnathan Weiger '15 纪念 Scholarship Fund